Clock Care:

Have clocks oiled and serviced every 2-3 years. 

Wind most clocks at least once a week.  

When moving the minute clockwise to set the time, stop at each quarter hour and  let clock chime or strike. When moving hand counter clockwise, you do not need to stop at each quarter hour and wait on chimes. Do not force hand at any time. 

To regulate the time on your clock you need to stop the pendulum and turn the nut on the   bottom, up to speed the clock up and down to slow the clock down.  One turn is equal to about half a minute per day. Example: If your clock is 5 minutes slow, turn the nut ten times to the right to raise pendulum.  Keep repeating until time keeping stays on for 24 hours. 

Never use WD-40 on clocks. 

Most clocks will need to be cleaned (in shop) every 10 -15 years.